Why Choose ITT?

Genuine Travel Experiences

India Tours & Travels (ITT) takes you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned. It never stops seeking out new destinations and experiences. ITT is one of India’s respected travel agencies.

Knowledge and Experience

Travel is a demanding business, but ITT has been in the arena for the past 14 years. There is no substitute for this knowledge and know-how when it comes to planning and executing your trips to India. You are spending your hard-earned money to visit an unfamiliar country: wouldn't you like to go with a company that has done this before?


ITT guarantees its services and provides immediate assistance in case of any emergencies.

Client Satisfaction

You don't last so many years in this business unless you have a lot of satisfied customers. Many of ITT clients were referred by some friends or relatives who have already been in contact with its services. It has been the agency's intention to provide unforgettable travel experiences, so you know it has not forgotten (and will not forget) that the client is always in the first place.

ITT Staff

Everyone at ITT is professional, dedicated and extremely good at what they do. Everyone, from the office staff that you will never see, to the drivers, tour guides and local experts who make your trip unforgettable, are the cream of the crop. ITT is exceptionally proud of its staff and their ability to provide a truly extraordinary experience.

Peace of Mind

Many of ITT itineraries take place in destinations that have little or no tourist infrastructure, regardless it knows that one of the keys to a successful travel experience lies ensuring that you, as a valued guest, should not worry about where you will find a meal or a place to lay your head. For this reason, its itineraries include all meals, accommodation, domestic transportation (including air, with few exceptions), entrance fees, drinking water and tips for guides and drivers. And, any exceptions to this rule are clearly noted.

Personalised Service

ITT is dedicated, creative and hard working and has people and facilities all over India. Let it help you craft the trip of a lifetime with the places and sights that you would like to see, rather than simply cram you into a standardised tour.