If you feel to escape the world or get excited to encounter a world like none other, the lively adventure of rural tourism will become a part of your memorabilia. India with its vast geography, rich traditions, culture and heritage, a vast and beautiful rural landscape, is naturally suited for this. India is a country of immense contrasts. The stark images of this contrast are visible when you travel to the interiors. It is home to 74% of 1.27 billion people. The growing prosperity in urban areas, so visible in the vehicles, Malls, Multiplexes, Restaurants and Designer Brand Outlets is still to be seen in the rural areas. Here time stands still, the pace of life gentle, working conditions hard and each day of life brings new challenges. Amidst these hardships, the people exude warmth and welcome visitors with open arms. ITT brings you the opportunity to experience some facets of this life.